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Medoil is a blend of natural herbal oils in a unique combination with multiple uses. Its effects are skin deep and cell deep. This highly effective oil can be used safely in every age group in both men and women.

Phyllanthus emblica oil 25
Oleaceae Oil 40
Cocos nucifera oil 30
Dimethyl ammonium chloride 5


  • Phyllanthus emblica is a known antimicrobial, antiviral, tridosha-hara, effective in rheumatic arthritis and osteoarthritis besides it improves skin complexion and glow.
  • Oleaceae oil is antiseptic, analgesic and antispasmodic, antidepressant (relieves stress and anxiety) and aphrodisiac.
  • Cocos nucifera traditionally being used to treat skin infections, rashes, swelling and skin allergies. It improves immunity and useful in maintaining hormonal balance.

75 ml


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