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 Junaid-SR is the result of extensive research consisting of Standardized T. arjuna extract which is not only a Potent Cardiac Tonic but has numerous constituents which act on the other two root causes of the malaise i.e. Inflammation and Oxidative Stress. Being a blood thinner it can substitute Aspirin and saves you from its side effects too. Together they rejuvenate BLOOD CIRCULATION which address both the Primary and Secondary problems. Most patients gave up allopathic medicines once they found that Junaid-SR was working on them.


  • Stabilized extract of Terminalia arjuna 500mg


Product & FAQs

Q 1. What is Junaid-SR tablet?

Ans. It is a Herbal Product. It contains 400 mg of bark extract of T. arjuna as active ingredient which is produced in-house by the Company and Standardized to ensure quality.  Excipients are added to the extract for tablet formulation.

Q 2, How does Junaid-SR work?

Ans. The active ingredient of Junaid-SR possess potent natural ANTI OXIDANTS and ANTI INFLAMMATORY agents  like Tannins, Triterpenoid saponins (like arjunic acid, Arjunolic acid, Arjungenin, Arjunglycosides), Flavonoids, Gallic acid, Ellagic acid, Co-enzyme Q 10, Phytosterols, Calcium and Magnesium. Arjunolic acid is a potent Antioxidant and Cardio tonic. Tannins possess remarkable Anti Inflammatory and Anti-Oxidant activity. Co enzyme Q 10 is a potent anti-oxidant possessing anti-ageing and cardio-protective properties and it also stimulates metabolism. These agents arrest damage caused in Arteries by Oxidative Stress and restore normal functioning of cells. Scientific evidence has established role of Oxidative stress in many ailments like blockages (atherosclerosis), Heart failure, Myocardial infarction and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Q 3. What is Sustained Release (SR) drug delivery system, its rationale and advantages?

Ans.Sustained release systems include any drug delivery system that achieves slow release of drug over an extended period of time. Sustained release systems provide numerous advantages to patients e.g it rules out gastric irritation and nausea.

Rationale and Advantages of SR drug delivery system

  • To extend the duration of action of the drug
  • To reduce the frequency of dosing
  • To minimize the fluctuations in plasma level
  • Improved drug utilization
  • Reduction in total amount of drug to be administered, thus maximizing availability with minimum dose.
  • Minimize or eliminate local side effects

Q.4. How does Junaid-SR benefit patients who have undergone Bypass or Stenting?

Ans. Blockages can reappear and Secondary problems like Swollen ankles, Breathlessness and Cold hands and feet and Numb toes  caused by poor blood circulation in other parts of the body remain unaddressed in such cases. Junaid-SR might be the only help in such cases.

Q 5. How does tablet design improve drug delivery ?

Ans. Unique drug delivery system of Junaid-SR is designed to release around 20% drug in the stomach and remaining in the Intestine to prevent gastric irritation.

Q 6. How can optimum benefits be derived from Junaid-SR by adopting Ayurvedic Life Style?

Ans. Ayurveda mandates simultaneous improvement in diet, exercise, habits and positive mental outlook with medication. After starting the tablet these changes should be implemented for best results. For example, you cannot expect to build stamina simply by taking the medication if you continue with junk food and a sedentary life. Diet control and exercise is necessary.

Q 7. What is the Duration of treatment with Junaid-SR ?

Ans. Some patients may derive benefit within a week but chronic patients need at least 45 days. For this reason packing of minimum 50 tablet is made. It is advisable to continue the tablet for 3 – 6 months.

Q 8. Does one taper off the Cholesterol reducing drugs once Junaid-SR is used ?

Ans.  We have always maintained that Cholesterol is not the culprit of cardiovascular disease. Recently, even American Heart Association and Health USA announced that Cholesterol reduction is meaningless. However, experience shows that Cholesterol shows a dip when Junaid-SR is used. Cholesterol reducing drugs have serious side effects and their use can be tapered off.


1-2 Tablets daily or as directed by expert





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