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Your body needs to be a bit alkaline to be at its healthiest state. Your cells, the chemical reactions inside them, your beneficial bacteria in your gut and your immune system all work better in a moderately alkaline environment. Absence of this environment means your systems do not work as efficiently as they should.

Albinate, an answer to this issue, comes from the basket of Zyro dietary supplements. It is used to create an alkaline environment in the body. Sodium bicarbonate is an electrolyte. It works by neutralizing excess acidity in the blood. It may also replace bicarbonate when there are excess losses from the body.


Sodium Bicarbonate 500mg

Benefits of Albinate

  • Cancer thrives in an acidic environment, and doesn't survive in a normal, more alkaline environment. Cancer cells make your body even more acidic as they produce lactic acid. Albinate helps you in the treatment of Cancer. It is best used to retard the growth of cancers.
  • Weight gain is one of the ways that body can “adapt” to a buildup of excess acidity. You are producing acids all the time just by existing and if additionally we start eating and drinking acid forming foods and drinks our body’s ability to adapt can become overloaded. When the acids can’t get out, some people’s body start to warehouse them in fatty tissue, while in other people’s case they actually start to eat into the body and “burn it up”, making them too thin. Albinate help those persons in shedding those extra kilos by creating alkaline environment in the body.
  • Acidity leads to issues such as vaginal infections, urinary tract infections, yeast infections, menstrual difficulties, fungal problems and even infertility. Sperm prefer an alkaline environment so when our diets and lifestyle leads to a more acidic environment it can make it harder to get pregnant. In fact, an acidic environment inside the vagina can actually lead to the cervical mucus killing the sperm. Albinate is used in such cases to create a healthy alkaline environment conducive to get the lady pregnant.
  • Albinate is used for treating metabolic acidosis (a condition in which there is too much acid in the body) and certain drug intoxications, and replacing bicarbonate lost due to severe diarrhea.

Apart from the above, there are few general health benefits of Having a Balanced Body pH:

  • Skin more elastic, youthful
  • Deeper and more restful sleep
  • Abundant physical energy
  • Lesser chances to suffer from fewer colds, headaches, flu viruses
  • Good digestion
  • Reduction of candida (yeast) overgrowth
  • Increased mental acuity, mental alertness

Dosage: 1 Tab thrice a day or as directed by expert

45 Tablets



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